Valspar Applied Science and Technology Center

From 2012-2014, Hagen, Christensen & McILwain Architects provided design services to incorporate Valspar’s North American Research and Test Lab capabilities and Valspar’s World Headquarters into one campus – the Valspar Applied Science and Technology (VAST) Center.

The building is actually two buildings – a 5-story heavy-timber structure and a 3-story concrete structure, both clad in the same brick exterior. HCM Architects designed research and test laboratories in the 3-story portion, and office support and storage functions in the 5-story portion as part of a multi-phase build-out. HCM Architects also worked with Valspar to fully restore this structure to its original character through a historic rehabilitation process regulated by State and Federal government agencies.







Valspar – Phase 2

VAST Phase 2 – Building A

This campus is comprised of four (4) buildings centered on the intersection of 11th Avenue South and 3rd Street South in Minneapolis.  This specific project for Valspar involves Phase 2 of the restoration and reuse of Building #4.   The laboratory space occupied the lower and first floors completed as Phase 1, leaving most of the rest of the building  unoccupied and only partially renovated. The success of the VAST Center made corporate leaders take a second look at the building. Response was so positive that Valspar recognized “this is who we are– this is where we belong;” and immediately commenced with Phase II, and commissioned HCM and the original design/construction team to design and build out the additional three floors of offices within the facility to accommodate Valspar’s corporate headquarters.







Colossal Café – Grand Ave

HCM’s newest design for the Tinuccis is a TI space on Grand Avenue taking on the characters of an all-American city café in energetic neighborhood. With full sunshine through the large storefront windows and an exposed white painted tin ceiling offering bright environment.  The bar was reused with an added flair with delightful tile back bar.  All the charm components  including the vibrant paint colors, flooring and exotic light fixtures from the Saint Anthony renovation were used in this new café.


1517 Colossal Cafe - Grand Ave Floor Plans as of 2015.02.19

Ceiling Example (2)



Bad Weather Brewery

Tap House - Coming Along!

Floors are polished, concrete bar-top is installed, reclaimed wood is up, tile is set, lighting is hung and the furniture and equipment is rolling in! Construction process is coming to an end and Bad Weather Brewery is expected to open late summer. Your beer cravings for the delectable Windvane brew will be satisfied soon! Check out Bad Weather Brewery’s website:

Hennepin County Libraries- Upgrades Complete

Client: Hennepin County Libraries – Maple Plain

Locations: Maple Plain, Ridgedale and St. Louis Park

Completion: Summer 2014


HCM Architects assisted in the renovation of three Hennepin County libraries that was completed at the end of summer 2014; Maple Plain, Ridgedale and St. Louis Park.  The goal of the renovation was to update the book sorting spaces, some interior furnishings and room layouts for each library.


Maple Plain Library received new flooring in specific areas as well as changes to room functions and a remodeled Checkout Area.  Ridgedale Library received electrical modifications and a remodeled Book Sort Room.  St. Louis Park Library received new interior furnishings and layout of seating areas as well as a remodeled Book Return area.

F:caddwgs2014 PROJECTS1423 Hennepin County LibrariesMaple P


F:caddwgs2014 PROJECTS1423 Hennepin County LibrariesRidgeda

SLP diagram


Faithful+Gould Minneapolis Office Build-Out

Client: Faithful+Gould

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Completion: Spring 2014


HCM Architects were commissioned by Faithful+Gould to design their new Minneapolis branch office space on the 25th Floor of the Plaza VII building in downtown Minneapolis.  Faithful+Gould is an international construction project and cost management consulting agency that is headquartered in London.  The Minneapolis branch office comprises ~6,200SF for about 60 employees with an open office/flexible format driving the main design theme.  Several informal collaboration areas for employees are integrated within the open office at corners of the floorspace, while there are also enclosed formal conference rooms.  Modern white and dark gray field colors were used with blue and green accents that mimic the Faithful+Gould brand logo throughout the interior finishes.  The company logo was also incorporated in the floor carpeting and wall décor.


HCM Architects would like to recognize Dering Pierson Group for their collaborative efforts with this project.  Following photo credits to Paul Crosby.

F:caddwgs2013 PROJECTS1360 F&G Fit Plans1360 a2.1 Model (1)






Turf Club Renovation Complete

Client: Turf Club – 701 Ventures

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Completion: Summer 2014


HCM Architects partnered with several other consultants under the direction of 701 Ventures for the remodel of the Turf Club, a live music venue and bar on University Avenue in Saint Paul.  The Turf Club began as a dance hall in the 1940s and became well-known in the 1990s as one of the few sites in Saint Paul where local bands performed.   The renovation included basic upgrading of the roof, plumbing and electrical.  The existing ceiling on the main floor was removed and now remains open to the wood structure above.  The restrooms on both floors were fully remodeled and expanded and a kitchen was added on the main floor in order to offer a wider menu to customers. The general overall aesthetic of the locale was retained in the finishes and décor which appeals to old and new patrons alike.


See the Minnesota Public Radio article about the renovation here.

See the St. Paul Pioneer Press article about the reopening here.



F:caddwgs2013 PROJECTS1379 701 Ventures - Turf Club1379 a2.

F:caddwgs2013 PROJECTS1379 701 Ventures - Turf Club1379 a2.


Upsher-Smith Laboratories PPC Facility Renovation Complete

Client: Upsher-Smith Laboratories

Location: Plymouth, MN

Completion: Winter 2014


Upsher-Smith Laboratories (USL) is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures generic and branded generic medications.  HCM Architects was commissioned to renovate an existing facility in Plymouth, MN for USL’s Plymouth Packaging Center (PPC), located southeast of the current USL manufacturing facility. The scope of the project was to demolish the interior of the facility and build-out new packaging, office and auxiliary spaces with new mechanical and electrical services within the existing ~30,000GSF building for 150 employees.


The renovation was successfully completed in Winter 2014 with the following partners; Schreiber Mullaney Construction, Paulson & Clark Engineering, Yale Mechanical and Collins Electrical Construction.











1340 ConceptPlan

Valspar Applied Science and Technology Center – Phase 1

Client: Valspar Corporation

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Completion: January 2014


Valspar Corporation is a Minneapolis-headquartered international manufacturer of paint and coatings.  They are currently consolidating their North American Research and Test Lab capabilities into one campus named Valspar Applied Science and Technology (VAST) Center.  This campus is comprised of four (4) buildings centered at the intersection of 11th Avenue South and 3rd Street South in Minneapolis.  This specific project for Valspar involves the restoration and reuse of Building #4.  Building #4 is two adjoining buildings, the 5-story portion was constructed in 1903 using heavy timber framing, wood decking and load bearing masonry exterior.  During its 110-year history, the building has been home to Minnesota Linseed Oil Paint Company and Minnesota Paint Company before becoming Valspar Corporation.  The adjacent 3-story building was constructed in 1912 as a concrete structure and has served as a Valspar warehouse previous to this renovation.


In this project, Valspar proposed to reuse the building by renovating the 3-story portion as research and test laboratories and the 5-story portion as office and storage space.  Demolition and refurbishing of Building #4 launched in December 2012 and was complete and ready for occupancy in January 2014.  The restoration process was completed following the Minnesota Historical Society structure rehabilitation requirements to preserve the historic integrity of the building.


VAST Center has received OSHA Star Status, an important designation of an exemplary worksite safety and health management system which only 29 other companies in Minnesota carry.  VAST Center is also recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.


HCM Architects are proud to have worked on this project and credit it’s success to collaborative partnerships with; Loucks AssociatesHarris Companies, Parameters, Kraus Anderson Construction, Michaud Cooley Erickson, and BKBM Engineers.


Following photo credits to Paul Crosby.









R&D Systems Executive Area Remodel

Client: R&D Systems

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Completion: Spring 2014


During the design of R&D Systems CCD Building, prototypical interior finish standards were created for the R&D Campus.  With the expertise of interior designer Jill Johnson of Isola Design, R&D Systems now has an elegant pallet of finishes to use in their future renovations.  The Executive area of Building 2201 was recent remodel project that was able to utilize these new finish standards.  The work for this space included removal of the old wall coverings, fresh paint/color, a modern carpet layout and more.  These small changes have completely transformed the space and have been very well received!