VAST Building B – Polymer Lab

After helping to revamp this building back in 2010, Valspar asked HCM architects and the rest of the design team to provide more design services to relocate and enlarge the Polymer Lab within their VAST campus. The project includes additional specialty hoods, bench top and researcher office space.


Bldg 1 New Entry - 1_8x6



Quarry Park in Shakopee

Quarry Park–a new park in Shakopee, MN–is an exceptional example of reclaiming an industrial site by providing public access, a community building and pavilion, and re-introducing nature through intensive landscaping–all the while maintaining a sense of connection to its colorful past. HCM is working the City of Shakopee and its Parks & Recreation Department, as well as WSB Engineers to provide a comprehensive site design, which includes unique event and picnic venues.







HCM Anniversary Party!

HCM turns 15 on February 2nd and will celebrate with an Anniversary Party on Friday, February 8th!

Thank you to all of our families, friends, clients and consultants for a wonderful string of years, hopefully with many more to come!



Programming and Planning is underway for the Washington County Hwy Dept.

HCM has focused on providing viable master plans to determine the best utilization of the county’s existing North Shop site as well as the potential South Shop Campus. The Master Plans consider
all the Public Works Divisions including the divisions currently located in the Government center – Building Services and Survey and Land Management.

1145 - B.N

1145 - B-S

1145 - C1.N

1145 - C1-S

1145 - C2.N

1145 - C2-S

HCM is excited to announce their recent partnering with Delkor

Delkor recently teamed up with HCM to consolidate all their operations.  Delkor is a leader in the design and manufacture of packaging equipment, especially for food-related companies such as Kraft, Cargill, Frito lay, General Mills and the list goes on.  HCM is eager to provide creative solutions to both their production and office needs.

Roosevelt Library – Closed and Abated

Roosevelt Library is moving fast; with last month’s City of Minneapolis Historical Preservation Committee approval construction documents went underway and were just completed last week.  Meanwhile the Library was closed in Feb. and completely cleared out and all hazardous material was abated.  The project will soon go out to bid with construction starting this summer.

Maintenance  and improvements are critical to keep this library as a community anchor and  resource.  With an old aging building in  the twenty first century; Roosevelt’s key upgrades include full code
compliances, accessibility routes and restrooms, new energy efficient  mechanical and electrical systems, exterior restorations and collection  updates.  The sustainable approach at  Roosevelt is the long-term preservation of the building itself, and  rehabilitating the building to fit its future needs.  Roosevelt’s original masonry construction was  designed to last over a hundred years.   The proposed ehabilitation treatments will help the building continue  to fulfill its original purpose as well as adapt to new opportunities.  Repair and replacement of deteriorated  features are necessary in keeping with the spirit and intent of the property; along  with the new addition.

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Rendered Floor Plan-web

Minneapolis-20120427-00057 main level looking southeast

Minneapolis-20120427-00058 wide view looking toward main entry

Minneapolis-20120427-00059 view of plumbing and wiring chases north of main entry

Swirls and Twirls

HCM is exploring some design options to innovate and highlight a client’s existing vestibule and entry sequence.

1163 Greatbatch Vestibule B

1163 Greatbatch Vestibule D

1163 Greatbatch Vestibule F

1163 Greatbatch Vestibule H

‘Eat Mor Chikin’ Chick-fil-A Underway.

HCM has another airport project going through concept design review.  Chick-fil-A has steadily grown to become the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States, this proposed restaurant will be the third in MN and the first one at MSP International.  Chick-fil-A has set itself apart by pioneering innovations and delicious products, evolving design and branding.


Yet another milestone completed for the Roosevelt Library Renovation Project.

Community Meetings and Participation

A third community meeting took place early November to review the Schematic Design for the renovation and expansion of the Hennepin County – Roosevelt Library located in south Minneapolis.   Two community meetings took place early this summer during the concept design phase.  Attendance for all three community meetings were open and included neighborhood organizations, current library users, neighboring residents, and local elected officials.  The first meeting focused on participant’s use, thoughts and experience at Roosevelt Library.  Participant input was then compiled to create key design ideas.  The following Key Design Ideas/Concepts were developed based on community input.


1.             Open sight lines, open library layout
2.             Cozy, intimate and warm place
3.             Flexible multi-purpose gathering space
4.             Natural light – quality of light from multiple sources
5.             Exterior reading spaces
6.             Family-friendly place



 The second community meeting presented concept images that demonstrated design ideas.  The third meeting went into more detail on the proposed design and how the design continues to reinforce these design concepts.   The goal of the recent meeting was to get community input on the overall layout as well as the 2 exterior options.


The schematic Design package for the project is currently being reviewed by the county commissioners, hopes to start design development and CDs through the winter with cConstruction start in Spring 2012.


General Building Background

The existing Library building was constructed in 1927 and is a 4,320 SF (footprint) single-story building, with a small basement utility space. The building was designed by Minneapolis architect, Jerome Paul Jackson as a community library that would serve the adjacent Roosevelt High School and Roosevelt neighborhood.  The building was placed on the National Historic Register in May, 2000 and has been designated a Building of Cultural Significance by the city of Minneapolis through its Historic Preservation Commission.  The library is one of the 14 branch buildings built pre-1960 by the Minneapolis Public Library System led by Gratia Countryman.

The main level is comprised of one large intimate reading room that contains no dividers or partition walls.  The main floor is open and naturally lit by numerous large windows.  The exterior walls are lined with open shelving aimed at easy access.  One goal of the project is to strengthen these successful attributes while revitalizing the overall experience.

Maintenance and improvements are critical to keep this library as a community anchor and resource well into the future.  Roosevelt’s key upgrades include full code compliance, accessibility upgrades, new restrooms, new energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems, exterior restoration, collection updates, technology upgrades,  increased seating/lounge areas and an efficient staff area.  There is a need to provide space for group gatherings, teens seeking homework assistance, children attending story time and more flexible leisure reading space.


The goals of the renovation and expansion project are as follows:

  • Renovate the building’s envelope (façade and roof assemblies).
  • Provide new building mechanical, electrical and technology infrastructure.
  • Make the facility accessible.
  • Provide a multi-purpose community gathering space for additional programs.
    • Create exterior public spaces for reading and activities.
    • Improve staff work areas.

In addition to the work listed above, the project must incorporate the following efforts:

  • Abatement and removal of existing hazardous materials.
  • Renovation and expansion must adhere to Historic Preservation Center standards.
  • Provide a complete fire protection system – an additional waterline required.
  • Full replacement of existing sewer line.

Roosevelt 11.01.11Community Meeting Boards -REVISED_Page_1

3. DWGs_Page_1

Roosevelt 11.01.11Community Meeting Boards -REVISED_Page_2

Roosevelt 11.01.11Community Meeting Boards -REVISED_Page_3

Roosevelt 11.01.11Community Meeting Boards -REVISED_Page_4

Roosevelt 11.01.11Community Meeting Boards -REVISED_Page_5

Feedback = Knowledge

Yesterday HCM presented the Roosevelt Library Concept Design to various Hennepin County Librarian Staff (including Roosevelt Staff).

Design items included:

  1. Reviewing recent Community feedback
  2. Reviewing Key design ideas and concept images
  3. Reviewing the concept design plan.

After reviewing the design the rest of the meeting was open to discussion for feedback about the design proposed, existing likes about Roosevelt, critical items that need to be changed etc. HCM felt the meeting was very successful and informative.  It was a great milestone to start the schematic design phase.

Some example comments were:

What do you currently like about Roosevelt?

  1. Feeling of a place of community, community heart/center.
  2. The buildings story/history/age/period/architecture/character
  3. Open and blended layout
  4. The patrons are self sufficient- mobile technology ready
  5. Built-in highly details wood book shelves and window seats
  6. Very cohesive usage
  7. Open site lines and everything is perceived as ‘in reach’
  8. Cozy and intimate
  9. Very enjoyable and welcoming
  10. Traditional yet ‘trying’ to be modern
  11. Lots of diversity

What is critical to change at Roosevelt?

  1. Operable, traditional windows, creates a welcoming/clean environment i.e. in spring with cool breezes.
  2. Needs to be refreshed and updated!
  3. Keep the look but bring the building into the 21st century
  4. Create a ‘healthy’ building
  5. Better service desk – lower, accessible, open, approachable
  6. Larger flowing workroom
  7. Lots of outlets
  8. Accessible inside and out
  9. Even better site lines
  10. Better book drop – off of desk, larger opening, internal and straight to workroom
  11. Multi-purpose is a MUST!
  12. Include the 1% public art
Concept Plan

Roosevelt Library Community Presentation REVISED 06.17.11_Page_05