Anoka County Highway Department – Construction Update

Our Anoka County Highway Department project  is in the midst of construction, taking full advantage of our dry and mild winter weather!  Installation of precast panels, structural steel and built-up roofing have progressed with only minor delays, which keeps a smile on everyone’s face (well – most of the time).  Inserted below are images of various stages of construction thoughout the project, starting from early October 2011 to late January 2012.


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Anoka County Highway Department - Floor Plan

Fleet-panel erection

Fleet Services - Precast Panel Erection

Fleet-precast erected

Fleet Services - 'Up and In Place'

Fleet-before floor pour

Fleet Services - Before the Floor Pour

Office Area-stripped bare

Office Area - Opened Up and Free of Walls

Office area under skylight

Office/Admin. - Entry Point to Private Office Area

Office-future reception

Office/Admin. - Future Reception Desk Location

east office entry

Office/Admin. - East Entry to Main Lobby/Reception

East side-removed

Signs/Signals - Removal of East Wall

east wall support

Signs/Signals - Temporary Shoring at the East Wall

East side with steel

Signs/Signals - East Wall with Structural Steel

future holes

Signs/Signals - 'X' Marks the Spot for Future Holes

hole-fresh cut

Signs/Signals - HEY, THAT ONE DOESN'T HAVE AN 'X'!

The glowing super

The Superitendent with the 'Glowing' Personality - Jack Carlson.